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My Mind wrestles with the comprehension

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To know that we are but a speck of dust within the universe does not properly explain how unique we are. To see this video of Hubble has humbled me beyond belief. To me it has not only reinforced my love of my Creator, it has proceeded to redefine and refine my Religious beliefs.
For in my mind, only an entity that is far far far superior than we can ever become or comprehend could conceive and produce such an beautiful thing. To wonder how huge things really are. To wonder that on these other galaxies life surely exists. Unique life throughout? and / or are they another version of ourselves? parallel lives? reincarnated lives? juxtaposed existences? Whatever it may be it is still Mind Numbing to even attempt to comprehend what is before us.
All I can say is “GOD is Great”
(Whatever religion you believe.. try to distill the rhetoric to the simple and not allow the prejudice that organized Religion might bring to corrupt you on this issue.)


Written by Kregor

November 19, 2010 at 2:05 am

Posted in Space

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