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Engineers Grow nanolaser on silicon, paving the way for on-chip photonics.

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The famous University of California, Berkeley has found a way to grow nanolasers directly on a silicon surface, this should lead to faster microprocessors and sensor arrays which use more powerful optoelectronic methods. Nano technology is the manipulation of matter within the atomic and molecular scale. Photonics is in its pure form “The science of light”. It involves the generation, emission, transmission, and pretty much the control of light.

Our modern civilization has been demanding ever more increasing performance from electronics. This is pushing researchers into many directions. The researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have focused on harnessing the ability of light particles to carry greater quantities of data then more conventional electronic signals through the use of optical lasers at a molecular scale. Optical connections and pathways methods are looked to as a solution to bottlenecks within and between microchips.
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Written by Kregor

February 6, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Posted in Science

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