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Robot bird takes to the sky

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Early attempts by our ancient ancestors to create artificial flight often resulted with a design which attempted to mimic the graceful flapping motions of our avian neighbors. Flying suits shaped like that of a bird were often entertained, but more often became death traps for the inventor. Fixed wing gliders were able to be created which flew, but one where there was actual flapping and motions of a birds wings was found to be very difficult and impracticable. Today we have robotics which are reaching greater and greater levels of sophistication. This video shows something which up till now was not an easy feat. An artificial bird which fly’s like a real bird using the motions of “Stroke wing generators”

As you might find on this web site, Robotics have addressed many artificial life forms, Birds, Fish, Dogs, Humans. The Advent of an IRobot society is here and will only become more advanced as we move forward. The social implications are mind numbing. The Benefits and Dangers are many and to numerous to count. We can only hope that Humanity wakes up enough to be aware that these same technologies we create to enhance our lives, does not destroy it in the process.

For more on this follow the link below to the New Scientist for a full article on this amazing bird.


Written by Kregor

April 3, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Posted in Robotics

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